The current construction market demands enhanced project control, more accurate estimates and faster decision making. BCH has developed a platform where your project information is centralized in one place and can be safely accessed by anyone authorized, from anywhere and from any device. Whether in the office or on the job site, with our platform you can track your projects, team, and equipment in real time, allowing you to stay on schedule and on budget.

PMO departments now have access to a customizable and scalable ecosystem, with automated processes shared at management levels, supported by methodologies and standards in the industry, such as PMI, Prince2, ISO 9001, ISO 18000 among others.

Focus on advancing your projects, stop tracking progress across multiple spreadsheets, emails, and tools. Imagine a center for project data that you can customize with a few clicks to share the right information with your team, executives, customers, suppliers, and partners. BCH can impulse your construction projects to new levels.

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