Business Control Hub is engaged in the business of giving expert advice to companies working on its digital transformation journey, companies seeking after business agility, operational efficiency and increasing employee productivity and collaboration.
BCH’s team of experts have large experience in the energy and construction industries, as well as in management disciplines, which can be transferred to other industries.

• Project Management Office.

Project Management seeks to standardize and optimize processes in project execution, in addition to managing information, documentation, guides and related metrics. Having a Project Management Office (PMO) increases the probability of success for the company’s projects, as well as their profitability, generating economic value and customer satisfaction.

In BCH we have the knowledge and experience to support your company in this area in two ways ​​:

– acting as consultants, supporting the leaders of your projects, carrying out analyzes, giving them advice and guidance on best practices, or

– designing, developing, implementing and supporting the PMO needed for your projects, giving support to the PMO operation, the IT platforms where processes are developed, and documentation and information management for the client’s proper decision-making.

In both cases, we help the business define and maintain the process standards in the organization and supervise its compliance, also to define the management methods and its implementation, according to previous analysis of resources, schedule, risks, among others.

This PMO service is perfectly integrated with the other BCH services because we can provide support to the PMO trough training, IT platforms, processes, policies and procedures, depending on the permanent or particular need of your company..

Below, a non-exhaustive list of consulting subjects  with the latest market insights and best practices .

• Support Systems Management.

A good Support System is essential for the right functioning of an organization. Clear understanding of complementary processes of areas like Planning, Quality, HSE, Sourcing, Supply Chain among others, is necessary to keep a healthy, structured working environment,  and in continuous improvement.

At BCH we understand the needs of each client, and we can provide practical and efficient solutions due to our and our colaborators’ broad experience in Planning, Quality Control, Mapping and Process Management; in addition to our technical knowledge for integrating the different processes into one ecosystem.

Support Systems Management can be perfectly adapted to the conditions of your business. We can integrate and manage all your information in one single platform, for accurate decision making.

• Management Dashboard.

BCH has the right experience for developing the different dashboards that your organization and / or your projects need, which allow the most appropriate decision-making.

From the design of KPIs, the definition of the correct metrics, the source of the information, the collection of the data, its handling and reliability, the interaction among KPIs, and the accesses to such information, to the final design and its display in different dashboards for the use of the different levels or areas of the organization.

We have the necessary resources to collect, store and process your data. We rely on low-code platforms, business intelligence programs such as Power BI (among others) to develop your dashboards.

• Information Technology.
• Business Process Management

• Supply Chain, Sourcing and Procurement.
• Contract Management

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