Business Applications

Most companies struggle as they look for software applications that meet their unique business needs. There is hardly a perfect off-the-shelf match, they are often inflexible,  forcing the company to change its processes to adapt to the software. Every good business evolves, so that over time, software should be able to evolve with the business.

We develop custom database solutions and business applications that gather and organize data to deliver insightful information to our clients. BCH’s low code platform has a wide variety of already developed business applications, from where BCH can build on customizations to deliver to its clients, reducing the creation and development time. BCH’s cloud-based platform enables clients to access information from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Below is a non-exhaustive  list of application BCH can develop for its clients:


• HSE incident report & tracking
• Asset tracking and management
• Authorization for Expenditure
• Budget management
• Mobile apps for field use
• Workflow automation
• Risk Management
• Performance management


• Project Management
• Personnel & Contractor Tracking
• Time tracking
• Document management
• Permits & Licenses management
• Maintenance Management
• Construction reporting

Human Resources

• Payroll Management
• Document Management
• Training and Certification Tracking
• Vacation Management
• Personnel directory
• Employee Benefits management

Supply Chain

Contract & Supplier Base Management
• Sourcing Activity
• Inventory & Warehouse Management
• Procurement Management
• Accounts Payable
• Supplier Management
• Supply Chain Performance

What is Low Code?

Low-code is a modern agile way to build and continually improve business applications that better adapt to the pace of change in today’s digital business environment.
Low-code technology hides the underlying complexities of development and implementation that are not directly tied to addressing business needs, so BCH developers can be faster and more productive at creating, improving, and maintaining business applications.
The market demands from businesses faster innovation processes that outpace by far the methods and resources available to support them, putting businesses at risk of falling behind market expectations and competition. To keep up with technological disruption, businesses must run at market speed. Mounting pressure from customers, employees, and investors for more value means it is now a strategic priority to perfect the hundreds of processes that make your business competitively unique in the market.

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