Integrated Services


Through consulting, we identify the needs and opportunities in the information management processes within an organization. We collect, organize and study the environment of a company taking into account the people, processes and their relationships with existing routines and we present a comprehensive solution that ranges from training, awareness and understanding of the change that is going to take place.

Business Applications: Low Code Platform

BCH can help your business continuously improve its more complex business applications without the cost of traditional developing, maintaining or implementing legacy systems, which can be too fragile or too costly to customize. With Low-Code platforms, we can drastically reduce software coding time and complexity by using pre-existing modules and coding structures, agile and customizable to release your business application within days.

With an ever-increasing number of tools and suppliers to manage, businesses need the flexibility to securely make data accessible when and where it is needed. Our platform enables you to instantly connect data, integrate a diversity of systems in one single ecosystem, and orchestrate automated workflows using simple business logic, all within one unified platform.

Change Management

Organizations usually experience a negative impact on performance from increased pace of change. BCH works with its clients to identify barriers to change adoption for different organization segments, and designs an effective communication strategy for delivery, using messages and channels that lead to appropriate transition, sustaining the organization’s performance throughout the process.

Change Management entails the following concepts:

  • Disruption, abrupt change that arises as new forms of work, organization, processes and technologies (such as a new platform) appear, which must be managed.
  • Innovation, new ways of working and interaction among people.
  • New abilities, soft skills, curiosity, creation of ideas, searching for new opportunities.
  • Constant Learning, ask ourselves the questions that help us find viable solutions within the organization. Collaborative and creative work.
  • Fear of change, handle the situation and promote a positive attitude.
  • Learning by doing, allow low-cost errors for testing.
  • Greater communication, open and transparent among those involved in the company, therefore more horizontal than vertical organizational structure.
  • Resilience, ability that changes management must have to adapt to the changing new world that is emerging.

Project Management

In BCH we have the knowledge and experience to support your company in the development of project management, designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining the Project Management Office (PMO).

We can provide the necessary support for the PMO operation, the IT platforms where processes are developed, the documentation and information management, all of which allows the project managers and the strategic staff proper decision-making.

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